Pictures & Movies

Ten months old & standing

Nine months old- crawling!

Eight months old- fun with food

Seven months old- Riding Franny

Four months old

Three months old

Logan’s Room:

Before                                                                After: one less door

More dinosaurs will be coming soon.  There will be a big blue one where the door used to be.  The dino’s were Amy’s idea.  I made those curtains too.  It used to be a shower curtain.  🙂

6 Responses to Pictures & Movies

  1. daddy says:

    Dog gone it that kid is cute!!!!

  2. Aunt Coreen says:

    You better watch out when he starts talking. It looks like he has a lot to say.

  3. chris the best uncle says:

    What the heck he has more hair than me

  4. Grandpa says:

    Well these are pretty cool I was talking to Chris & he told me how to watch the movies. I didn’t there were movies on the other messages. I may slow but I can still learn new tricks. The movies are neat. Is Bailey wanting to play with Logan or is he jealous?

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