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Fathers Day

I sent this video to some folks a while back. but i thought it would be worth archiving here on this bloggy. A day late for fathers day but thats OK What’s your favorite?

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Mmm Pie…

I feel spoiled these days with our weekly produce delivery from Winder Farms.  We always seem to have avocados, mangoes, and kiwis on hand these days.  This week our box had 4 yummy stalks of rhubarb.  Pies are dear to … Continue reading

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The Help

Last night we watched The Help. It was a pretty stinkn good movie. I had a couple random thoughts throughout the movie though. This first is that I think I’ve decided to not watch another violent or disturbing movie. The … Continue reading

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Big and little things

I can see why astrophysicist enjoy their career. All things considered this video I saw this morning is probably pretty measly considering all the amazing aspects of the cosmos, but I still found myself caught in wonder. My math is pretty … Continue reading

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Boasting in Works

A while ago I was feeling a bit restless and started an emotional tirade against the current material we were covering in our small group bible study. The material was fine and dandy but in my opinion seemed to be … Continue reading

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Sacred Harp in Utah baby!!!!!

Check out a little sacred harp video here cause you probably have no idea what it is.  Apparently there is a new revival of sacred harp in your urbanites. who would have thunk. I guess they are drawn to the … Continue reading

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Backdoors and Backyards

Becky would not let me title this post “Anal Sex and Mixed Martial Arts” but that’s really what we are going to talk about. As some of you may know Pastor Driscoll and his wife recently published a book on … Continue reading

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Hey You, Yeah you, Click over here…..

Please take a second to subscribe to our blog via email. We plan on using this to post random topics, pictures, etc. There should be a little spot to the right to enter your email. Thanks JBL

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