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Home Improvement Project Round-Up

I just realized that we have been M.I.A. from this site for almost 3 years!!  So much has happened in that time.  The biggest change in our house was when I – Mama B – went back to work as … Continue reading

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Two toned, wood and white desk

My husband LOVES wood.  I, on the other hand, love WHITE painted wood.  These two things don’t generally jive well in our house…. until now! We acquired this dilapidated old desk from the University of Utah Surplus & Salvage store.  At … Continue reading

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DIY Pergola

Living in Utah is wonderful but, man, that sun is HOT!  We needed a solution to beat the heat on our west facing porch.  The pergola design allows for shade when needed and retractable curtains when the sun goes down.  … Continue reading

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Basement Remodel

Our basement is a lovely big empty space with 7 foot ceilings.  Since our extra bedroom upstairs is currently occupied by a nice international student from the University, we would like to build these extra bedrooms in the basement for … Continue reading

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Fathers Day

I sent this video to some folks a while back. but i thought it would be worth archiving here on this bloggy. A day late for fathers day but thats OK What’s your favorite?

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DIY Wall Sconce

Becky thinks I’m obsessed with lighting. But that’s another topic. We knocked down a wall and put up a beam. And because I love a well lit room, I wanted to put some lights on the new beam. I was … Continue reading

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Mmm Pie…

I feel spoiled these days with our weekly produce delivery from Winder Farms.  We always seem to have avocados, mangoes, and kiwis on hand these days.  This week our box had 4 yummy stalks of rhubarb.  Pies are dear to … Continue reading

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Things I never want to forget

                Concentration face                                                Tongue-y smile              Sleepy smiles                                  Wolverine ears                       Tiny toes     The first day                                                        Chins Chunky legs                                                           the Good Morning … Continue reading

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Adventures in Rice Cereal

First Food!    Pretty exciting  Spooooon…   Egh, that was okWhat’s not shown is he threw it all up 5 mins later….  We’ll try again tomorrow.

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The Help

Last night we watched The Help. It was a pretty stinkn good movie. I had a couple random thoughts throughout the movie though. This first is that I think I’ve decided to not watch another violent or disturbing movie. The … Continue reading

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