About Us


  • Rock climbing enthusiast
  • Flow cytometry aficionado
  • Lover of the Lord & His children


  • Professional baby entertainer
  • Lover of gardens, hikes & all things outdoors
  • Slightly obsessed with photos


  • Lover of fruit
  • Super sweet little man
  • Nickname-Bud Bud




  • Nicknames- Pretty girl & chub chub
  • BIG personality
  • Loves giving ‘bisses’ (kisses)

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Jan says:

    Hi, I found your blog via a Google search for cable awnings. Your awning is EXACTLY like the one I had built in 2011. But without stringers my cross beams warped badly enough that the rod supports for the awnings couldn’t fit between the beams. Have yours stayed straight? I’m getting ready to try again without beams, though I do like the look better with it. Just. wondered.

    Jan in Colorado

    • jandbmarvin says:

      Hi Jan,

      So far our beams have not warped, not even the end beams with cables only on one side. What size beams are you using? These are 2×6’s (not pressure treated either).

      Thanks, J and B

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