Home Improvement Project Round-Up

I just realized that we have been M.I.A. from this site for almost 3 years!!  So much has happened in that time.  The biggest change in our house was when I – Mama B – went back to work as a post-doc in the biochem department at the U, hence the lack of posting!

In that time we’ve completed nearly the rest of the basement remodel, re-finished multiple pieces of furniture, repainted a house, and built a set of bunk beds!

Here is a quick round-up of home improvement projects:


Of course, I’m in love!   Here are a few highlights: Vanity was handmade by a seller on Etsy who unfortunately is no longer available (Shout out to Jeff & Laura from timelessjourney).  The rug is from Urban Outfitters and the wall clock from World Market.  The wall mounted faucet  is by VIGO.

bunk beds.jpg

If you have not made any furniture using Ana White plans, you should!!  Her plans are so simple and easy to follow and the results are gorgeous and sturdy! I used her plans for Simple Bunk Beds.

refinishing furniture.jpg

There is no better feeling than spending $20 on used furniture, adding some elbow grease (as my beloved dad used to say), and finishing with something you love! The key to refinishing furniture is sand, sand, and sand some more!

Until next time  j and b

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1 Response to Home Improvement Project Round-Up

  1. Tracy says:

    Everything looks beautiful!

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