Two toned, wood and white desk

My husband LOVES wood.  I, on the other hand, love WHITE painted wood.  These two things don’t generally jive well in our house…. until now!

We acquired this dilapidated old desk from the University of Utah Surplus & Salvage store.  At the time, we needed a desk in a hurry.  A student from the U was moving in soon and needed a place to study!

IMG_20150224_134529_nopm_Recently, our attic bedroom was transformed into an Airbnb guest room and I used this opportunity to redesign.  Design is not one of my strong suits, I must admit, but this project was too fun to pass up!

I began by sanding the heck out of the wood top of the desk.  It took some heavy duty, coarse sandpaper (80 grit) to sand off all the stain and scratches but the wood underneath was beautiful! Needless to say, my husband was pleased.

I painted the rest of the desk white, added some black handles, and this was the result!  Simple, gorgeous fix for this old desk.


Update:  Matching Two-toned Nightstand

I wanted to make other inexpensive pieces for this room with the two-toned look, so I purchased two of these Ikea Tarva nightstands for $40 each.  A little stain, white paint, and new hardware and the result is beautiful!


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1 Response to Two toned, wood and white desk

  1. Ed says:

    looks great the natural wood & white compliment each other

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