DIY Wall Sconce

Becky thinks I’m obsessed with lighting. But that’s another topic. We knocked down a wall and put up a beam. And because I love a well lit room, I wanted to put some lights on the new beam. I was searching online for sconces and they range from 20 or 30 bucks to around a $1,000. And the cheaper ones look pretty, well, cheap. So we decided to make our own. There were surprisingly little online samples and descriptions of DIY sconces. I wanted the wall sconce to be open to the ceiling for a brighter reflection, and opaque front so light can pass through.  The one that I kind-of liked was this: Wall Sconce.  So we built from this theme and here is what we did…

1. Build your own light. We went to the local Habitat place and got a fixture for free.  You can also find this fixture on Amazon for about $10.  Mount your light fixture in a desired location.  When running new electrical, make sure to check your wire gauge and attach a ground whenever possible.  My electrical circuit starts with the hot black wire from the circuit breaker going to the fixture.  Then I paint a black line on the end of the white wire coming from the fixture to the switch.  This white (painted black) wire is attached to one screw on the switch.  The other screw on the switch has the white wire from the electrical box.  (You can also send the power (black wire) to the switch first.)

2. Metal frame. We went to Lowes to find some kind of mesh to mimic the outer frame and stumbled across this.  The whole sheet was about $25 and we could cut 4-5 sconces out of it ($5- $8 each).                                                                           

3. Sconce fabrication. From here its pretty easy. Figure out what shape you want and cut and fold till your done. We figured, if people can make a swan out of a dollar bill, we should be able to make a simple sconce frame.

4. Paint the sconce.  We used a textured brown spray paint ($5).

5. Mount the sconce.  We hung the sconce first so that we could use a screwdriver through the holes in the metal.                                       

6. Transparent Insert.  Get some type of opaque paper from art store or use wax paper straight from your kitchen.  I am guessing many different materials would work here. Insert the paper into the sconce frame.                                  

Done. Price for project ~$6 for each sconce ($16 if you have to buy the light)                      

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8 Responses to DIY Wall Sconce

  1. I like the metal pattern. I’m going to have to check it out and see what I come up with. Thanks for the idea.

  2. amy says:

    These look Great!

  3. Pizza goat says:

    Do you have a link to that double lamp holder? I’d love to use something like that for my own sconce project. Thanks.

  4. bill says:

    thank you so very much!!!!!! Saved the day!!!

  5. bill says:

    i cannot find the type of mesh shown in the project. is it called a specific type of mesh?

  6. bill says:

    where can i buy a mesh like this??

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