Growth Spurts and the 5 S’s

All the books say that little fussy babies will be less fussy by 6 weeks (usually).  When 6 weeks hit this past Monday, Logan became more fussy then ever before.  I kept thinking…  Did he just develop colic, is that possible this late?  Is he having stomach/gas issues??  Is he sick?  I even took his temperature one day.  He was waking every 1 or 2 hours at night and during the day he was crying every waking moment.  I was exhausted and by 6am I was so tired all I could do was give him to Daddy and sit back with a tear in my eye.  When he would feed, he would swallow so fast he would choke himself.  He’d swallow so much air that he would end up burping up all the milk he just ate.  Then he was both hungry and upset.

He decided back at 2 weeks that he didn’t like to be swaddled anymore.  He wanted his arms to be free! Well that all went out the door on Monday.  The 5 S’s were in full swing in order to survive this.  We would sit for an hour sometimes in the rocker just trying to calm him.

Logan swaddled at 4 days

What are the 5 S’s??

  • Shaking (gently)
  • Swaddling
  • Side
  • Sucking
  • Shushing

We’d have all 5 going at once.  I even added a 6th, the butt pat.  How does one person accomplish this with only two hands?  I’d be sitting in the rocker, holding Logan swaddled up as tight as he could be.  I’d roll him to his side facing me and cradled in one arm.  He’d have a pacifier in this mouth, which I held in with my cheek (he isn’t very good with the pacey yet).  I’d shush really loud in his hear (you have to shush loud to be heard over the cry).  And I’d pat his butt with my other hand.  It was a site, I’m sure.  We’d sit this way, shaking shushing and sucking away, for a long long time.

There were no trips outside in the stroller, no dinners made when Daddy came home, and showers only if I were lucky.  I felt like I accomplished nothing.

This was Logan’s second growth spurt.  Predictably right on schedule: between 6 and 8 weeks.  It left as soon as it came on.  Last night we enjoyed two nice 5 hour stretches of sleep and a 3 hour stretch to cap off the night.  It was wonderful.                                                            Logan at 6 1/2 weeks

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2 Responses to Growth Spurts and the 5 S’s

  1. Granddad says:

    Welcome to parenting this is the part that we over look when we have kids. the fussy uncooperative but look on the bright side this will only last until he is 20 or 25 years old it will just change forms through the year.:) Don’t forgot to have Jim take his turn doing the 5 S’s

  2. daddy says:

    you must be tired, you were working with a list of 5 S’s and you went with “butt pat” for the 6th instead of Spank. 🙂

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